And so begins May...

Well May is finally here and it is SUPER busy! I'm not going to get in teaching everything that needs to be taught to the 7th grade. When I mentioned it to the other teachers they said, "Oh well, teach them off the exam because we get that soon." Well alrighty then. May is just packed full of field trips and play practices and concerts! phew! I get to go to the zoo on Friday with preschool and kindergarten! yay! I'm really excited about that.

I now have a summer job working with the same company only a different house for their summer camp! That should be fun! Unfortunately I need to put in for a house transfer and can't get a hold of my house because they have the fax set up. All I get when I call is SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!!!! Deafening.

Did you know that my automatic spell checker says that the word scrapple doesn't exist? Weird.

Next week I'm going to see the Jewish Theological Seminary! woot! I received an email from them last night saying they'd have all my "meeting times" set up by tomorrow and were wondering if I wanted a tour of the graduate housing. SHA-WING! I hope that means they have space available and I don't have to look for an apartment in Manhattan!

My little brother is now home from college too! I missed my widdle brova. ;) His graduation is this weekend and we're all going up to Jordan's cabin for a party celebration!!! I'm excited. Then my dear little brother will be home for....a really really long time! Just like me! haha.

Well, time to try the house again and then back to work for the afterschool program! Today was payday, too! I'm only $100 away from my new laptop now!!!! I hope I can get it by the end of June so I can start learning how to use a Mac. lol.

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