The Lebanese Boarder

Alright! More pictures!!! The second place we went to after Tel Akko was a spot up by the Lebanese boarder. No worries, all is cool up there, so long as you don't try to cross it. :)

These cliffs are the dividing line. That tower there is part of the Israeli patrol...I think Israeli.

But this is the view! Look at the gorgeous coastline!!!

There were all kinds of rocks and caves. We didn't go into any of the caves, though.

More of the pretty coast.

There was a cable car that would take you into the caves. We thought really hard about whether or not we wanted to go down into them, but when Dennis said that the last time he was in there, it wasn't worth the money, we decided against it. He said nothing's as cool as Hezekiah's tunnel. Except maybe the Templar Tunnel, but as you saw in the last post, they've changed it and just not as cool now. I also liked the poor translations. hahaha.

There I am! Standing at the boarder!

And that's where I was just standing!

There were lots of people fishing. The beach here was real dirty, though. And really rocky. These rocks are called Karkar, or beach stone. I actually found a grinding stone in my square made out of karkar! Which means they were importing beach rock!

A wee little crab, caught between a rock and a hard place.

Haha, Eric looked so epic standing there like that, I had to take a picture.

I climbed way out to there to get a good look of the sea, but just as we all got to he beach, the tide started to come in. No sooner did I get out there that I was nearly knocked over by a wave. haha.

Ok ok, it wasn't a big wave, but it's hard to balance out there on those rocks! I did get a little wet.

The crashing waves...

Jason and Jessica were searching for tessera, which are tiny square-cut stones for mosaic flooring. If you look carefully, you can find it everywhere. That day they each found 6 or 7 pieces.

Man, I was enjoying the salty air. I miss the beach.

There were such pretty flowers there, too.

And a super cool lizard!!!

Oh, I've apparently reached the end of my pictures for here...erm...another post soon to follow!

Up next: Crusader Castles!!!

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