So...that maniacal laughter can only mean one thing: I have beaten my Hebrew final and have 3 extra hours to work on my final archaeology paper before taking it to the writing center. YES! I stomped that final into the ground! It was actually super easy and I was out of there in 45 minutes. I was a little worried at first, when I was half-way through the last page. I was afraid I'd missed something terribly difficult, until someone handed in their test. But even then most of the class was like, "YOU'RE ALREADY DONE?!" I only had 4 more sentences to translate, so I felt much better that someone else was going through it just as fast as I was. I wanted to get out as early as possible to get more time to work on my paper and ended up getting out super fast!

So now I write as much as I can until 9, go to the writing center, grab some late night snacks from the caf, then finish up the paper. Tomorrow I hand it in and then Heather and I are having lunch with Pam to get some pointers on grad school apps and what to say in a statement of purpose. Then I have to take Stuart to the garage to get his car looked at before he goes home (poor old Volvo). Then it's just singing my German song over and over with Heather, some last-minute grading for Bib Arch to get some last minute cash, and finishing the last little bit of my anthropology reading for my final on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning is rushing through that lame anthro final then more singing with Heather to practice for the "final". Then Thursday afternoon is performing in front of the class and hearing everyone else's recitations. Heather and I are singing Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart's poem "Die Forelle", put to music by Franz Schubert. It's so cute, listen to it! It's super easy to find a translation of it, but it's about a little trout who's swimming along and is just being his cute little fishy self when an evil fisherman comes along and tries to fish him for dinner. The fish is smarter than the fisherman thinks and escapes him, but the fisherman is cunning and muddies up the water so the fish can't see and he catches the fish and takes it home to eat for dinner. The author who's watching all this happen gets super upset at the end and the music is sad, too. Schubert's piano music matches it PERFECTLY, it sounds just like a flowing river.

Anyway, I'm going to get to my paper now, but I just wanted to share how excited I am that I finished my Hebrew final super early. >.<

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