Denise's Visit, Part IV: Coit Tower

Remember that photo I shot of Coit Tower after Denise and I went to Alcatraz? No? Here’s a reminder:

Well, one day Denise met up with me after work and we decided to walk up the hundreds of steps to the top.

It was really a nice walk up.

All the houses had gorgeous gardens.

There's a tiger in this garden!

Bee boxes!

There was a statue at the top. I thought it was one of the explorers who discovered the bay Gaspar de Portolà or Juan de Ayala.

But it wasn’t. It was Christopher Columbus. I have no idea why Columbus is up here. It makes no sense to me; the man never even saw this part of the Americas! Why is he up here at Coit Tower???

AND WHY DOES HE LOOKS SO BEEFY? And why is his tunic so sheer?? This whole thing disturbs me.

At least the views from there were amazing. We couldn’t go up the steps because it was closed, but it was at least an adventure getting there!

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