San Francisco has a different kind of crazy

Well, I have now completed two full weeks of my new line of work! I must say that I am rather enjoying myself in San Francisco. Work is enjoyable, even if it is quite busy at times. I'm finally getting a grasp on my responsibilities and learning how best to manage my time. I'm even better understanding how everything works in our systems and how eBooks are actually published! Woo!

I do have an interesting summary of outside work experience since arriving in San Fran.

1. One of the firs things I saw leaving the airport with my mama was Harley Quinn on a motorcycle. Awesome.

It looked something like this.

2. Katy told me that at about the same time, she and Kelly saw three men on bicycles: one was completely naked, one was wearing a pink bustier with no pants, and the third was similarly scantily clad.
To see what this could possibly look like, check out this Not Safe For Work San Francisco blog about the annual Wold Naked Bike Ride.
3. I encountered my first "smug" at the local Walgreens when I bought some toiletries and realized I didn't have a reusable bag to place my items in. The clerk gave me a look, Katy explained I was "new to California," and he begrudgingly told me my first bag was "on the house."
See short preview clip from South Park's "Smug Alert" episode to perfectly describe this.
4. The temperature has been solidly between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit with blue skies, and I get to listen to native Bay Area residents complain about the "cold" while I revel in how absolutely gorgeous it is. Seriously, there are actually a couple people wearing winter coats. Though the other day there was an epic amount of that lasted literally all day. But that was just cool.

Note that according to weather-and-climate.com, these temperatures are still above average.

San Francisco may not have the same kind of crazy as NYC, but it certainly has its own form of crazy! So far I'm enjoying it. Maybe especially because I have the advantage of getting to drive in the carpool lane to and from work almost everyday. And yesterday we saw a jerk driving in the shoulder to avoid highway traffic get pulled over. Mwahahahaha!

I do love the views, though. It's a striking combination of urban and nature that is unlike anywhere else I've seen. No wait...it looks almost exactly like Haifa. Alright, just kidding, the San Francisco Bay Area looks exactly like the Carmel region of Israel. Only damper.

What a perfectly apt summary of SF.

I feel like a lot of my first posts living in SF will cover the similarities and differences between the West and East coasts. Now if only I could find a backpacking buddy to explore the mountains with on a multi-day excursion....

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