Well hello there, blog readers.

Um...I'm just a little...involved. Ok, maybe a lot.

When I'm not working, I'm stressing about what work I still need to do. And when I'm not stressing about my work, I'm stressing about finding a job. And when I'm not stressing at all, I'm wondering why I'm not stressing! AND when I am not wondering why I'm not stressing, I'm actually having a good time relaxing. Among all this, I'm surprised I am getting any sleep at all. Most nights I'm lying awake thinking about what I need to do, suddenly wake up with the dawn groaning about why the sun wakes me up so damn early, only to have my alarm wake me up minutes later. It's a pretty vicious cycle that is leaving me quite exhausted. Nzar comments constantly about what a "tired girl" I am. I told him I'll probably look this way until I leave because even once everything is put in its place and submitted, it'll be time to worry about my flight home! Which is only a week away! EEK!

At the end of all this, I seem to completely forget about my blog and my dear readers!

Do not worry, my precious followers! Long flights and layovers will result in pictures and updates!

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