Getting Crazy...

Wow, I must apologize, my dear readers. This past month has been pretty crazy. Between finishing our mini projects to saying good byes to half our crew to beginning our personal projects, I have had very little time to update. Well, that’s not quite true. I’ve gone through spells of being extremely lazy and extremely productive, which I haven’t much liked. I would prefer steady spurts of productivity to lead into rewards of relaxation. Instead I’ve been doing the opposite – being extremely lazy and then freaking out and going crazy trying to be productive. I need to work on a schedule…

Anyway, let me give you the highlights of the month of May. This is going to be in two parts…

I saw a camel in the mote around the old city of Akko!

Nutter fell asleep on the chair!

We had a tour of the agricultural lands surrounding Akko and were given more Arabic coffee, cucumbers, and tomatoes than we knew what to do with!

We said our farewells to those who were leaving early with a lovely BBQ!

I woke up to bagpipes and ended up watching a parade for the Feast of St. George!

The last rains of winter/spring.

We visited Ella at her gorgeous home in the Western Galilee, a small village called Mitzpe Abirim inside a nature reserve!

We got a special tour of the Bahai Gardens in Haifa!

Sorry for the lack of explanation on a great number of things. My mind is a little bit everywhere, so I can't quite focus on descriptions. HOWEVER, if you want some good explanations of things, you could always check out my facebook photos, because I always make sure there are explanations and descriptions there. And that's easier and faster than updating the blog, sadly. And as I've said before...I've been feeling lazy. This shall improve, my friends! But the second half of the blog posting will be tomorrow. For now, I have work to do!

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