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I'm looking for catholic churches in the area where I'll be living in Manhattan, and I'm actually shocked by how few there are! Only two catholic churches on the Upper West side! There are a ton in Midtown, but I don't feel like taking the subway to church on Sundays.

So my choices are: St. Gregory the Great and Church of the Holy Name of Jesus. I have a lot fewer mass times I could go to for St. Gregory. But it has a Haitian community! haha, they offer masses in English, Spanish, and French, which is why I say I have a lot fewer mass times. I don't know Spanish or French. BUT going to the French masses could help me relearn French, which I will need for graduate school. However, Holy Name also has French masses...and it's part of the Franciscan tradition! I don't think I need to mention that St. Francis of Assisi is my own personal saint here, but I will. :) Though those Franciscans in Assisi wouldn't let us get a photo...lol. Now, I'm not planning on becoming an official member because I don't want to feel obligated to put money in the collection each week when I'll barely have enough money to buy myself food. I guess I'll check them both out and see which one I get a better feel for.

I'm starting to get really excited about going up in a month!!!! And I am severely unprepared for it. Ok, I need to start going through all the boxes in the basement for things that I'm bringing up with me. I'm going to start that now.

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