The Beginning of a Big Decision

Tomorrow I go to Catholic U! I'll meet with financial aid in the morning. I guess I should have made an appointment, but they said that I didn't need one, I could just walk right in. Oh well, I'll make sure I get in there with a lot of extra time before my meeting at 3:30 with the department faculty! They invited me to join them for an Arabic Poetry Reading and to the reception afterward! There I'll mingle with various students (I hope I can get up the guts to approach them...maybe one of the faculty will introduce me?) and see what a student's perspective of the department is.

Then I'm meeting up with Laura for drinks under the cherry blossoms!!! haha. I believe last weekend was the cherry blossom festival, so they should still look quite beautiful. Though after the violent rainstorm the whole North East is expected to get, there may not be much left to them. boo. I'm also meeting up with Melissa sometime Saturday evening. I would say afternoon, but I doubt she'll be up and ready before 5pm. haha.

The Week:
I've also had a big week, and even last weekend was crazy. Last weekend at Bally was horrible. First another aid and I put diesel in the van when it took regular, then we lost the stupid gas card and receipt, and then Monday another aid accidentally took the keys home with her and the supervisor needed the van for the next day for an appointment. It was a complete disaster.

But I started teaching 5th and 7th grad science this week. I also took over the CARES program for good, since the 5th grad teacher had her baby. The 5th grade science class is going really well, but I feel like I'm starting to flounder with 7th grade already. It's tough science! I severely dislike biology, and even more so when it's on the cellular level. I can't wait to get through the Plant Kingdom and start talking about Ecology because I can understand that so much better. I must have like 6th grade science level, haha. Except in Earth Science. Kick butt there. That's stuff's awesome!

My days are really long (at school by 7:30, don't leave until 6pm), but the work isn't too hard. Not like it is at the home. I am totally stoked for that first paycheck, though. haha. I can buy my new laptop by the end of the school year now, instead of seeing if I can scrape something up by the end of the summer. And by new laptop, I mean a Macbook. Oh yea, goin' Pro. It's really nice being home in the evenings too, even if I am so exhausted that I don't want even want to think about lesson plans. But I must. Especially, I should be working on them NOW but I can't make myself do it!!! uuuuugh.

Alright, enough of this, printing out my directions and then I'm working on these stupid lesson plans!

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